The Big Cock-A-Doodle

The Big Cock-A-Doodle (voiced by Frank Welker) is the leader of all roosters. He is in charge of making sure all roosters crow on time and making sure all fruits are accounted for. He once arrived at the farm to check on Roy's guarding the fruit in the barn. When it he finds out a grape is missing, he takes Roy to Chickenopolis for a trial.

At the beginning of the trial, The Big Cock-A-Doodle revealed that the grape was actually proof of Roy being a bad rooster. After showing much evidence against Roy, he was about to sentence Roy, until Orson and the others arrive. Booker reluctantly revealed that he was the one who ate the grape. The Big Cock-A-Doodle decided to waive all charges against Roy.


Garfield and Friends


  • The Big Cock-A-Doodle is the tallest rooster seen in U.S. Acres.
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