The Big Catnap is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon receives a box of homemade cookies from his mother, and tries to avoid Garfield, who eats them every year they are delivered via elaborate pranks.


Garfield is about to have lunch consisting of what he thinks is the four food groups: pasta, cheeseburger with fries, chocolate cake, and more pasta. After temporarily transforming into a beast and eating everything on the table, he checks his schedule and finds that the next thing to do is harass the mailman. He instead goes straight to his next nap.

Herman is delivering a package to the Arbuckle residence. Jon comes out of the bushes and grabs it. It contains a batch of cookies his mother always bakes and sends him every year, with Garfield always stealing them from him. He tells Herman about a few tricks Garfield pulled to get the cookies.

-Pretending to suffer from a fatal disease that can only be cured by force feeding the victim cookies
-Making a fake phone call in a phone booth to distract Jon
-Disguising the window as a safe and forcing Jon to toss them out

Jon hopes that this year, he will finally get to enjoy them. He finds Garfield asleep, then a parade and Odie watching TV, both too loud. He ends up leaving the house and taking the bus to the park. When he finally takes a bite, it catches Garfield's attention as he zooms off to the park. Jon abdicates and gives Garfield the cookies, all while coming up with elaborate ideas to keep Garfield from finding out about them next time.


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