The Best Policy is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Jon's car gets wrecked, he gets taken for a ride by both the auto repairman and his insurance agent.


On his way to Atlantic Boulevard, Jon crashes the car into a brick wall. He takes it to a repair garage to have it repaired, where the repairman sees it as the perfect get-rich-quick job he could get. Not wanting to pay a high price, Jon decides to talk to his insurance agent about it.

Jon's insurance agent refuses to pay for the damage done to the car because he does not feel like it, as part of a fine print addendum that is hard to be seen without a magnifying glass. In order to get a proper insurance policy, Jon fills out all of the paperwork he is given.

The repairman raises the car up on the repair platform and Odie sends it off with Garfield in it right into the insurance building. The agent gives Jon his check and the gang walks home until the car is repaired. The insurance agent's insurance agent comes by and refuses to pay for the damage done to the building.


Main characters

Major characters

Minor characters

  • Priest (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Building insurance agent (voiced by Gregg Berger)

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