The Bear Facts is the first segment from the thirty-first episode of Garfield and Friends.


While Jon Arbuckle and his pets go on a camping trip, they encounter a bear from the circus.


Jon Arbuckle chases Garfield with the intention of going camping, which Garfield disagrees with. After being forced to go, Garfield tries to bring technological items as well as the fridge, which Jon disallows. As they drive toward the camp site, the radio announces that the circus is now showing an act including Binky and a tap dancing bear.

After Jon becomes exhausted from setting up his tent, Garfield shows him his own inflatable tent prompting Jon to question the term of "roughing it". After enjoying the nature, Garfield plans but fails to eat his frozen TV dinners, while Jon and Odie eat hot dogs. Odie hears a bear before Garfield purposefully frightens the dog. Odie soon finds the footprints of a bear prompting Garfield to try and escape. Instead of following Garfield, Odie goes into a cave, forcing the cat into the cave. Odie and Garfield find a party hat and a ball which prompts Garfield to assume that Binky has been eaten. They soon find the bear, making them run back to Jon.

Jon plans to sing a campfire song, before he and his pets run to an enclosed area. They all notice that the bear is wearing a circus collar before Garfield orders Jon to sing. The bear begins dancing to the song, before Binky comes, angering the bear. As Jon sings, the bear grabs Garfield and Binky, making them dance. Later, everyone is exhausted, before Binky reveals that the trainer will only come back in two weeks, ending the episode.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Wade makes a cameo, before Garfield labels him as a cameo guest star.
  • Late in the episode, Odie pulls the title card to show Garfield.
  • Garfield reveals that Jon has taken him camping six times.


  • As Jon's song progresses further than a single cubby bear, the fourth lyric stays as "the cubby bear", instead of "the cubby bears".


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