The Bad Sport is the second segment from the sixth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson gets most of the farm to try out a sport called pig ball. Roy, on the other hand, decides to have some fun of his own.


Orson has a book of sports games, and he suggests that everyone tries out a new sport called pig ball. Although no one had ever heard of it, Orson says that it should be simple because the rules are listed in the book. Roy excludes himself from participating, but then he sneaks up and types up a new list of bizarre rules for the game. He then glues the page with the new rules in the book over the old rules.

Everyone appears dumbfounded by the rules (particularly when Wade learns that he can only earns six hundred points for his team if he finds a live hippopotamus), but they decide to play anyway. Lanolin finally gets so frustrated with the rules that she quits the game, and after she storms off she comes across the glue and typewriter that Roy used for the new rules. She then finds Roy laughing hysterically about everyone else playing pig ball. Lanolin becomes furious realizing that this game was just a practical joke made by Roy; then she heads for the typewriter.

While Orson is continuing to read the rules, Roy interrupts them and reveals that he made up all those new rules. While everyone is angered, Lanolin walks up rather calmly and suggests that Roy joins them in playing a new game called rooster ball. Roy learns that the object of rooster ball is to throw the player with the most feathers into a mud hole. He complains that the game is unfair because he has all the feathers, but he soon realizes that that was the point. Everyone chases him off into the sunset as Wade walks up. He concludes that the game is over, and he is dismayed because he was going to score 600 points. He then walks off with his hippopotamus George.


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