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[[Category:Garfield and Friends episodes, Season 4]]
[[Category:Garfield and Friends episodes, Season 4]]
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[[Category:Garfield and Friends]]

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The Automated, Animated Adventure is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Jon wants to make a cartoon series with Garfield, an animator uses the opportunity to demonstrate new computer animation.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


Cultural References


  • When Garfield is being reformatted into a new cartoon look, among the models used are the title character of Astro Boy and Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • At one point, Mr. Sprocket proposes making "Baby Garfield" as part of "the newest trend in cartoon shows". This alludes to "baby/child versions" of familiar characters, such as Muppet Babies and Tom & Jerry Kids.