The TI-D 7000 was a cleaning robot which appears in The Garfield Show episode The Robot. It was sold to Jon Arbuckle by its salesman, Mr. Sellers, who does not warn Arbuckle about the robot's functions.

Physical Appearance

The TI-D 7000 is a spherical red robot with a yellow chest area, antenna, ring, wheels, and two mechanized claws. In addition, it has two light bulbs at the side of its body, and two orange lights acting as eyes.


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  • Claws: The robot uses its claws to grab objects, specifically pets.
  • Vacuum: The vacuum is used to suck things up such as messes or pets.
  • Sweep and Dustpan: The sweep and dustpan to sweep up objects.
  • Washing Brushes: The washing brushes are used to scrub its target.


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