T.V. of Tomorrow is the first segment from the thirty-third episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Jon tries to get his television set fixed, he is instead offered numerous up-to-date alternatives.


At an electronic hospital, Jon Arbuckle and his pets wait for Dr. Mendelberger to fix their television set. After Jon tells the doctor that his television set is a year old, Mendelberger goes into shock and calls for an emergency. As they run down the hallway, the doctor explains that people have to carry on buying the new electronics in order to keep up with the times.

They go to a showroom filled with the newest TV models, where Dr. Mendelberger tries to tell Jon that he should trade his old television for a newer set. Garfield tries a television called the "Taste-O-Vision", where the viewer is able to taste what the people on television are eating. Garfield soon enjoys it, but stops after tasting mud from a mud slide. Garfield and Odie are shown a three-dimensional television, before they experience things such as getting hit with a pie, getting splashed by water, and Odie being pulled into the television by an octopus.

Jon is shown a mini tape player, before being told that the same principle has been applied to television. Garfield is told to go jogging with the headset. When Jon questions how the person jogging can see where they're going Mendelberger replies that they have not thought of that yet. Garfield narrowly escapes obstacles such as cars and fire engines. Meanwhile, Mendelberger still tries to convince Jon to buy a new television set, which Jon tries to decline. Garfield runs through the door and crashes into the doctor and nurse. Jon finds that the old television is now working, due to Garfield tapping it.

As Arbuckle and his pets leave, Mendelberger asks the nurse how anyone can own an obsolete television set. As they walk to the three-dimensional television set, the hand of King Kong picks the doctor up. The nurse then picks up the remote and switches the three-dimensional television off, as well as the viewer's screen.


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