Super Sonic Seymour is the first segment from the eighty ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon Arbuckle calls a man named Super Sonic Seymour, who makes him do an excessive number of chores at a quick speed.


One morning, Garfield and Jon are sitting watching TV with Jon lamenting that he has many chores to do, as well as a date with a woman named Joyce. He does not seem to have the motivation to do any chores. At that point, Garfield changes the channel to a commercial depicting Super Sonic Seymour, a fast man who helps people get things done in the quickest amount of time possible. Due to his lack of motivation, Jon phones Seymour help him get all of his chores done in time.

Seymour quickly arrives at the house; when Jon opens the door a moment later, he complains to Jon for being late. After "paying" Seymour, he gives Jon a list of chores to do and gets him to do it at quick speed. Garfield and Odie have no complaints until after Jon serves them lunch, he takes it away after a brief moment so he can clean the dishes. Garfield then tries to sleep when Jon shampoos the carpet.

Once his first list is done, Seymour hands him another list of chores to do. When Jon states that he has a date soon, Seymour dismisses it as a waste of time. Hearing this, Garfield tells Odie that Jon's new list means they will not get any dinner. Throughout the day, the two see Jon doing chores around the house. Jon continues doing chores during his date with Joyce, which is short-lived as a result.

Garfield soon declares that he has had enough. Going up to a typewriter, he conjures up a new list for Seymour to read. When Seymour arrives with a new list, Garfield switches out Seymour's list with his own. This list instructs Jon to humiliate Seymour in numerous ways, as well to get his money back. By the time Seymour realizes this is not his list, Jon takes him into the house to do everything on the list. After Seymour is taken away by the garbage men, Jon, having finished everything on the lists, is back to his normal pace. He then realizes what he did to Joyce and runs to apologize to her. Odie thinks she will never forgive him, while Garfield asserts that their date was the best they had.


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