Suburban Jungle is the first segment from the one hundred and fifteenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon is babysitting his preteen valley girl niece, who sneaks out of the house. Garfield and Odie follow her into a mall, where chaos ensues.


Garfield starts off the episode by introducing Shannon, Jon's niece, and Dr. E. Darrell Moonunit, Professor of Obscure Adolescent Languages, as they play important roles in this episode. The scientist is responsible for interpreting the teenage slang Shannon speaks into commonly understood language. Garfield then lets the episode commence.

Garfield and Odie play jungle explorers, seeking for intelligent forms of life in their backyard. According to Garfield, the nearby area has no such beings- only birds, Jon and Shannon.

Shannon is trying asking her uncle to let her go to the nearby mall. Since Jon, fearing for her safety, is against the idea, Shannon sneaks out while Jon is working. Having noticed their guest is gone, Garfield and Odie, still in their jungle explorer personas, head out to look for her.

The pets reach the mall, expecting Shannon to be shopping there, where they run out of supplies. Inside the mall, Garfield and Odie encounter a sale announcement, resulting in the shoppers trampling over them. They then encounter a mall security guard.

While fleeing from the guard, the pets find Shannon trying out clothes. The escape leads them to an escalator in the mall. Garfield believes they have made it as they run away from the guard, while Odie senses otherwise. The two are eventually caught by the guard.

Shannon manages to save Garfield and Odie (during her argument with the mall guard, Garfield sets up a blue light special as a diversion). The pets and Shannon manage to return to Jon's home for the evening. Jon expresses his disgust with Shannon's disobedience and serves tuna casserole for supper, which nobody is willing to eat.

Moonunit states that next week, Garfield and his friends will go and search for real food.


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Cultural References

  • Shannon argues with the security guard in a manner similar to how Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes would trick opponents.
  • The "blue light special" is a term originated by Kmart.

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