Stick to It is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Odie goes on an adventure to fetch a stick Garfield throws.


Jon has made a list of chores for Garfield to do around the house. Garfield ignores the list and gets into his bed to take a nap. Odie arrives and wants to play fetch with a stick. Reluctant, Garfield throws the stick as far as he can so that Odie can spend a lot of time fetching it and he can enjoy his nap.

The stick ends up inside Herman's mail cart. He finds it and tosses it, which causes the stick to land in a milk truck. Odie follows the truck all the way to the dairy factory and, after going through the processing plant, follows the shipment of milk the stick ended up in on a train. One of the conductors finds Odie and pours him some milk from the bottle the stick is in. He picks the stick out of the bowl and tosses it off the train. Odie follows the stick into the forest, and a chipmunk takes the stick for nesting for its children until Odie takes the stick back. Feeling guilty, Odie returns the stick so that the chipmunk's offspring can have a nice nest and goes home.

When he gets back, Garfield is disappointed that Odie spent all that time looking for the stick and not bringing it back, much to the dog's confusion.


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