Stark Raven Mad is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson imagines himself in a version of The Raven whilst guarding the farm's crop.


The episode opens up with Wade in a library saying hello to the audience and tells them that every so often the show introduces some classic literature and poems. One of them is the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe which he begins to read. The director however stops him and says that they are doing Orson's version of the Raven called "The Rooster." Correcting his mistake, Wade introduces the Rooster by Orson Pig and Orson narrates the story via poetry.

One day Orson had finished harvesting the farm's crops for the season and intends to guard it until they're ready to eat. However Roy, who is starving tries various ways to get past him and eat some vegetables. These ways include ramming the barn door, bribing Orson, and disguising himself as a vacuum cleaner salesman. None of those plans however work out.

After a while Orson gets tired and falls asleep where he dreams about his childhood friend Lenore. Seeing this chance, Roy disguises himself as a basket of lettuce and begins to steal some vegetables. However Mort, Wart, and Gort also raid and accidentally take Roy as well. At the same time, Orson remembers when his brothers humiliated him in front of Lenore leaving her heartbroken. The next day, Lenore tells Orson that she and her family are moving away which was the last time Orson saw her. By then Orson wakes up (although not entirely) determined to get back at his brothers.

Meanwhile the brothers have discovered Roy in the lettuce costume and decide to play golf with him as the club. When the three see Orson coming up to them they laugh it off not believing he is a threat. However Orson uses a single melon and uses it as a bowling ball to knock the brothers down causing them to run.

Once the three are gone, Orson fully wakes up. Although he can not remember fully what happened, he is impressed at what he was able to do. He then goes up to Roy and asks him if he plans to steal vegetables again. Roy utters 'Nevermore' before collapsing.


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Cultural References

  • The episode is an adaptation of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.
    • Orson's love interest, Lenore, shares the same name as the love of the original poem's narrator.
    • At the end of the episode, Roy quotes the raven's "Nevermore".

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