Star Struck is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Fed up with not getting enough screen time, Garfield tries to create his own cartoon where he does more than eat and sleep.


The episode starts off with Garfield eating lasagna on the table and then goes back to bed. When the camera begins to focus on Odie, Garfield stops the cartoon and talks to the director face to face. He says he has gotten tired of all the best parts and shots going to other characters when the show is supposed to be about him.

The director insists all Garfield does on the show is sleep and eat despite Garfield saying he does more than that. Desperate to show more talent Garfield goes to his room and starts making up a script while the rest of the cast take a break.

In his room Garfield starts off with an adventure scene where he is in a pirate story. Garfield's the captain while Jon and Odie are his helpers. Just then, the King's army arrives to take down the pirates and Garfield realizes that he needs to do something, only for it to turn out to be eating and sleeping. Unable to continue the story, Garfield tries another one.

Garfield writes a story about the Cat Crusader, which also ends with him eating and sleeping. At that point an employee tells Garfield the director is waiting for the new script and Garfield tries to do one more.

In the third story, numerous disasters are happening, from alien invasion, a giant ape, volcano eruption, ghosts, and giant robots. Garfield makes himself as the main hero as he goes to the science lab to stop the disasters. To his horror though his character created lasagna and sleeps despite not writing that in. After that Garfield gives up. Back on stage everyone is waiting for Garfield's new script when Garfield comes out and announces he gave up and goes back to the eating and sleeping routine he is known for.

The episode restarts again with Garfield eating and sleeping. The show is interrupted by knocking on the backstage door and Garfield goes to check. He sees all the characters from his earlier scripts and tells them that their parts have all been cut. Continuing the episode, Garfield remarks that although eating and sleeping is boring, they are easy to do.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Employee (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • King's army
  • Criminals
  • Ninjas
  • Giant Robots
  • Giant Radioactive Space Ape
  • Ghosts


Cultural References

  • The Cat Crusader segment is a parody of Batman.

Garfield and Friends
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