Squeak Previews is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Two mouse critics rate a movie featuring Garfield.


A mouse is sneaking in the kitchen with a narration of his actions being heard. The mouse tries to sneak some food out of the house. Garfield catches him and takes back the food. This is revealed to be a trailer for the film called The Cat.

Mouse critics Dean and Rupert are hosting a show called Squeak Previews, and they are going to be showing a special preview of the film. They start it up.

The mouse in the film sneaks about trying to get to the kitchen without waking Garfield. It seems to work until he takes a piece of cheese. Garfield then kicks him out. No matter what the mouse tries, he is always thwarted. He then recruits other mice and they invade the house to get the food. Garfield lures them out of the house with a pile of stinky objects' stench being fanned into the kitchen, forcing the mice to retreat out of the house and submit defeat.

Dean loved the film as it portrayed the real-life struggle of mice down to a T, while Rupert thought it was bad for showing mice in a condescending manner. As they argue, Garfield arrives on the set and scares them away, commenting on how their living room stinks more than the film.


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