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*[[For Mice]]
*[[For Mice]]
*[[Six-Can Solution]]
*[[Six-Can Solution]]
*[[Delicious Donut Day]]
*[[Little Miss Mouse]]
*[[Little Miss Mouse]]
*[[World Without Me]]
*[[World Without Me]]

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Squeak (voiced by Gregg Berger) is a mouse that Garfield befriends on October 30, 1984. He appeared for the first two weeks then disappeared before briefly returning in early 1985. He came back for Garfield's nineteenth birthday in 1997. His most recent appearance was on June 15, 2019.

While he was absent from Garfield and Friends, Squeak became a major character in The Garfield Show. He is a frequent friend of Garfield, often helping him out of a jam or requesting that he help the mice in some way.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Squeak has gray fur, a black nose and pink ear flesh.


In most appearances, Squeak has been shown to be kind, often helping Garfield and Odie whenever help is needed. He has also, on occasion, seen to be cunning, the most notable moment being when he switched the videos Garfield had planned to send in "History of Cats".


Squeak as he appears in The Garfield Show


  • Garfield gave Squeak his name.
  • Squeak has appeared 15 times in the comics.


The Garfield ShowEdit

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The gallery for Squeak can be viewed here.

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