Spot the Dragon is a fire breathing dragon and the pet of Vivacia.

Physical Appearance

Spot has a tan green belly and swamp green scales. His tail has red rings around it, and the end of it is shaped like an arrow. Above his knees, there are multiple dark green spots.

To Be Tweaked.


He is shown to be gullible, seen when Garfield tricks him into thinking a fire extinguisher is a breath freshener.

To Be Tweaked.


The Horror Hostess Part 1

Table Scraps Eater

The Horror Hostess Part 2

Helper of Garfield and Odie


Garfield and Friends

Season 7


  • Spot's Head has never been shown.
  • In The Horror Hostess Part 2, Spot mentions he's been fiery ever since he ate at, as he puts it, "that bad Mexican restaurant". When he asks Garfield if he can do anything to help, Garfield asks for the address of the restaurant.
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