The Spider Universe is an alternate dimension. It is identical to the dimension of Garfield, except that everyone on there is a spider (including Jon and Odie). Garfield winds up on there at the end of his accidental ride on an alien vehicle. Since the spider people are aware of Garfield's tendency to swat spiders, they try to give him a taste of his own medicine. However, Garfield manages to escape by grabbing onto the alien vehicle as it is about to take off.


Jon Arbuckle: "Didn't you know we all SPIDER People on this planet? AREN'T WE ODIE?!"


The Garfield Show

Season 1


  • It is unexplained how the spiders are aware of Garfield swatting the spiders on earth.
  • Spiders Jon and Odie are the only ones to not have spider heads.
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