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Spencer Spendington (voiced by Stan Freberg) was a rich mansion and zoo owner. He offered Liz a job as a vet at his zoo, but Liz refused the job due to him not treating the animals well. He and his henchmen stole two white lions for the zoo. At the end, he got arrested with Dirk Dinkum and Buckley when they learn that importing Manzian White Lions is illegal. Then, he got swallowed whole by a shark.



Spencer is a bald man with his left eye having one big pupil and, his right eye, one small pupil. He also wears glasses.


Spendington is a fat man who wears a tuxedo with a red bow tie. On top of that he wears a red waistcoat. He has a banana and latte colour striped pants.


Spencer Spendington is shown to be cruel and mistreats the animals by not feeding them enough food. He is shown only to care for rich people as he said that only his servants, Jon and Liz are allowed.


The Garfield Show

Season 4

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