Speed Trap is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon is falsely charged for speeding.


Jon and the boys are going for a relaxing vacation. As they drive by, a traffic cop pulls them over. He informs Jon that he was going 25 MPH in an 8 MPH zone. The sign is too small for anybody to notice it. The cop gives Jon a speeding ticket, which Jon refuses to pay. They end up trying to settle it in court.

At the courthouse, the traffic cop is also the bailiff, the judge, and the lawyers. He immediately finds Jon guilty and fines him $100 to pay for the ticket. Garfield and Odie try to get Jon out of there while the con man follows them in hot pursuit. As they get away, the car roof is torn off by a truck that they barely miss and Jon is knocked off, leaving Garfield and Odie to handle the car despite being unable to drive. The con man catches Jon and takes him to jail.

Two cops notice Garfield and Odie and pull them over. Odie shows them the ticket signed by a guy named Weevil who was posing as a police officer. Weevil has Jon locked up in a cell and charges him with many fines he will force him to pay. The real police show up to have Weevil arrested and set Jon free. Garfield wants Jon to buy him an umbrella because it is raining and the car roof is still torn off.


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