Sooner or Later is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


The wolf tricks everyone, except Orson, into procrastinating.


Orson is furiously working on a fence around the chicken coop and notices the viewers. He says that the others are having a meeting in the barn, then explains what led to this with a flashback.

With the wolf recently lurking around, Orson decreed to have the coop security upgraded. While that was going on, the wolf showed up with a disguise and a plan. Roy was working on a wolf ejector to launch the wolf away when the wolf, in disguise, told him about the wonders of procrastination. This caused Roy to dabble into it and tell everyone else about it. He got Wade to stop building the alarm and Bo to stop building the fence. Orson found out that they had not finished their tasks and they formed a club dedicated to procrastination. This left Orson to do everything himself.

After the flashback, Orson finishes the fence and moves onto the ejector until he hears the chickens clucking for help. The wolf nabs them and Orson and runs off with the former. Booker notices this and tells Roy, who is exhausted from running the group. Roy realizes that procrastination has caused them all to let the wolf sneak in while they were not around and adjourns the meeting. They build the ejector, get the chickens back, and stop the wolf.

The chickens and Orson are free and the others apologize for procrastinating, except for Roy who is basking with the chickens for his heroics.


Main characters

Minor characters

  • Chickens
  • Animals


Cultural References

  • Among the instructions Wade reads involves watching The Andy Griffith Show, which featured Wade's voice actor, Howard Morris.

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