Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs Part 2 is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Conclusion. As the Queen (Lanolin) attacks, everyone else is in a dispute in over who should have to kiss Wade.


Continuing where the story left off, Bo comes in on the scene to see his friends acting in a bizarre manner. Bo asks Orson what they are doing, and Orson explains that they are acting out the story of Snow White with Lanolin as the queen, Wade as Snow White, and Roy as the prince who refused to kiss Wade and break the spell.

Orson gets an idea and thinks that Bo should play the prince, kiss Wade, and wake him up, but Bo is not fond of the idea. The two of then fight over who should be the prince to save Wade and Bo makes Orson the prince and bails on him. Orson then reluctantly tries to kiss Wade to wake him up; no matter how many times he tries, it does not work, leaving him to believe he is not a handsome enough prince to do the deed.

Meanwhile, Roy, still grossed out over the idea of kissing Wade, finds out that in the story, the prince gets half of the kingdom and twenty million Gazortniks along with Snow White's hand in marriage. Despite not knowing what a Gazortnik is, he thinks it will make him rich nonetheless and goes to kiss Wade.

Orson then imagines up a prince that will kiss Wade. Roy returns to do what he refused to do before. He and the prince have a duel to determine who will kiss Wade, and Roy comes out as the victor and kisses Wade, thus breaking the spell. Now repulsed over doing the deed, Roy demands the twenty million gazortniks before Lanolin shows up, refusing to admit defeat.

The other animals and dwarfs panic at Lanolin's mighty power and do not know what to do, with Roy suggesting they have a third part to wrap this up. Orson is tired of acting out the story and says they can end it by using the magic words: "And they lived happily ever after."

Once the words are said, the story is over. Everyone enjoyed the story except for Roy having kissed Wade. One dwarf named "Satisfied" is still hanging around the farm, much to the bewilderment of the others.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the conclusion to the tale of Snow Wade.


  • In the beginning of Part 1, it was nighttime when they selected the story; in the beginning of this part, it is daytime.

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