Sly Spy Guy is the second segment from the sixty-seventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson is unable to find his spy novel, he imagines that he is Double Oh Orson instead.


Orson is looking around all over the farm for his spy novel, and Roy admits that he hid it somewhere because Orson was so into it that he forgot to do his chores around the farm. When Orson asks why Roy does not do some of them, Roy states that he only does wake up duty.

Without his spy novel, Orson wonders how he could find it and suddenly dreams about being Double Oh Orson. The fantasy begins, and Orson stops the spy song from playing because they already played the song a few times before and suggests they skip it this time. They fast forward to the end with the pie hitting the screen and goes straight to the start of the sequences.

Double Oh Orson meets up with W on a corner at night. Due to failure to jot down the instructions for his latest mission, W fires Double Oh Orson from the agency. Pinfeather, who is busy cheating at Solitaire, receives a message from one of his minions (played by the Weasel) about Double Oh Orson no longer a spy. Pinfeather believes that he could be a valuable asset to his organization and orders Madame Lanolin to find out if he is truly fired and, if so, recruit him, or, if not, eliminate him.

At La Expensioso, Madame Lanolin meets with Double Oh Orson and offers him to come work for Pinfeather. Double Oh Orson refuses at first due to their checkered past; with the payroll being high, he reconsiders. Upon arrival at Pinfeather's hideout, he reveals that his being fired was a facade and takes out his minions.

Orson wakes up and gets an idea on how to find his novel. He says that he put $20 in there. Roy overhears this and goes to the spot he hid the novel in: the grain pile in the barn. He cannot find the $20 in there. Orson pours all the grain into the bottom of the barn, gets his book back, and orders Roy to shovel the grain.


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  • This is the third and final Double Oh Orson episode.
  • The spy song is (mostly) skipped over instead of sung, as in "Double Oh Orson" and "Cornfinger"; the series had since dropped the use of musical numbers from the U.S. Acres segments.
    • The sped-up song reuses the footage from the montage opening of the fantasy from the latter.

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