Sleepytime Pig is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson tries to get some sleep, a temporary sandman is sent to help out.


The gang wakes up one morning to discover that Orson hadn’t had a wink of sleep all night; Booker then suggests that the sandman missed him. Meanwhile, at the sandman’s dispatch office, the fairy in charge tells a customer that the regular sandman is out sick, so a temp, named Murray, was sent out instead, which explained why several people were skipped.

Booker suggests that exercise will put Orson to sleep, so Lanolin executes a fitness routine -- but it only puts Wade and Booker to sleep. Wade then brings Orson some warm milk to drink, but that also fails to work. After counting sheep (literally) also fails, Orson decides that he’ll find his own way to fall asleep.

Murray tries to sprinkle sand onto Orson and misses; then Orson concludes that he won’t fall asleep, so he starts his chores. As he is raking leaves, Murray comes back and successfully sprinkles him, thus causing Orson to fall asleep standing up. After Murray walks off, Roy discovers Orson sleeping when he should be doing chores and wakes him up. Murray notices that Orson is awake, so he puts him to sleep again; Roy then wakes him up again. The fairy then comes and fires Murray for being such a terrible sandman.


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  • Orson wears Garfield slippers. He also has a picture of Garfield hanging above his bed.

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