Sit on It is the first segment from the one hundred and fourteenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield sits on a book that Jon is reading. Jon tries everything he can to get Garfield off the book.


Jon is practicing Spanish from his Spanish book while Garfield is eating Mexican food to help him a bit. Seeing how hard it is, Jon wonders why he took a Spanish class, with Garfield answering that it was to meet girls. Taking a break, Jon tries to watch television, only to get fritz. He then wonders why that always happens. When Jon takes a nap instead, Garfield takes over the television.

Garfield activates a code that brings up MEOW TV, a channel for cats that will only open up if a cat activates the correct code phrase. Garfield watches a bit of a game show called Kat Kwiz, then a show called Keep Purring hosted by Manny Manx. Manny introduces the 5 rules of being a cat, one of which is sitting on a book someone is reading and refuse to move. Realizing that he has not done sat on any books, Garfield gets ready to do so.

Waking up from his nap, Jon goes back to his Spanish book, only to find Garfield sitting on it. Jon tries to get Garfield off the book; when Garfield refuses to move, Jon quickly becomes frustrated. Jon tries many attempts to get Garfield off his book, including pretending to go out, making meals for him, and using a crowbar, none of which are successful.

Finally, Jon hijacks a bulldozer from a nearby construction site and rams it through the house. While it gets Garfield off of his Spanish book, it also ends up destroying much of the house. Jon is horrified, as it will lead to an expensive fix. When Herman asks about his insurance policy, Jon goes to his office to check. He finds Garfield sitting on his insurance policy, eventually leading him to sob in desperation.


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  • This episode marks the final appearance of Herman Post in a speaking role. The last time he is seen in Garfield and Friends is "The Thing in the Box".

Cultural References

  • Kat Kwiz is a parody of Jeopardy.
    • The host of the show is named Alex, after Alex Trebek.

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