Silly Animal Stunts Host is the host of an animal show in the Garfield and Friends episode Garfield Goes Hawaiian.

Physical Appearance

He has dark brown hair, which is brushed to the left side of his head, a large grin, and chin that points out. He wears a white shirt, a blue jacket, a red tie, gray pants, and black and white shoes.


He is shown to be displeased after he assumes that Jon's act isn't real. After he sees Jon's reaction to Garfield refusing his act, he is amused, and awards the thousand dollar prize.


He is first seen when Jon and Odie are watching television. He tells the viewers that if their animal does something silly, they can win one thousand dollars.

He later reveals that he was told that Garfield's act is "one of the silliest" they've had on the show. He then asks Arbuckle what his cat does, but is displeased when Garfield refuses to do the act. After Jon dances the hulu himself, the host enjoys the act, and awards them the thousand dollar prize.


Garfield and Friends

Season 1

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