Siam (voiced by Frank Welker) and Tyham (unknown voice actor) are the pet Siamese cats of Bella Bellissima. They obey their mistress's every command such as torture tickling Nermal, following Garfield, Odie, Nermal and Dingbang, etc.




Siam has a navy blue face and ears. He has a black nose, a brown iris in the right eye and a blue iris in the left eye. He also has a black collar with blue jewels.


Tyham has a mulberry coloured face and ears. She has a black nose, eyelashes, a blue iris in the right eye and a brown iris in the left eye. She also has a black collar with purple jewels.



He has a mostly white body with navy blue arms and legs. His back has a lighter toned blue and also has long claws.


Her body is almost the same as Siam but one with a different colour. She has mulberry arms and legs with a lighter back colour. She too, has long claws.


Siam and Tyham are shown to be very loyal to their mistress. They are known to act like bullies and are very good trackers and are both smart as well.


The Garfield Show

Season 3


  • They both spoke only one line of dialogue in Little Trouble in Big China Part 2.
  • They are the third and fourth cats to have Heterchromia in the entire series.
  • They mention they never cared for ballet, especially with dogs in it.


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