Show Stoppers is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


A talent show on the farm is hampered by Wade's stage fright and Orson's brothers visiting.


During a variety show that is taking place on the farm, Orson does a stand-up act that gets no laughs. Then, during Booker and Sheldon’s musical comedy act, Wade tells Orson that he and his pet Fido are too afraid to do their scheduled animal act; then Wade runs away. At the end of Booker and Sheldon’s set, Orson’s brothers sit down in the audience. After literally pulling Wade back into the barn, Booker and Sheldon inform Orson that his brothers are in the audience.

Orson runs away himself before everyone else pulls him back in and pushes him onstage. His brothers command Orson to perform a funny stand-up act, resulting in Orson telling a routine while flubbing many of his lines. His brothers then pelt him with vegetables. Meanwhile, everyone watches the act backstage, and Roy suggests that Wade does his animal act, which Wade still refuses. Roy then leaves, to which Wade calls him a coward; then he overcomes his own cowardice and goes to help Orson.

Wade then insults and threatens Orson’s brothers, who simply explode with laughter. After a moment, they realize that Wade insulted them, and they chase Orson and Wade into Fido’s barn. The brothers soon discover that Fido is a bull, and he chases them away. Everyone then applauds Wade for his heroism, and Wade declares that he will be brave from now on (at least until the next cartoon), then is frightened by Bo’s rim shot.




  • During Booker and Sheldon’s monologue, they mention the series getting renewed for another season.


  • Wart's lips do not move when he says, “That’s a might roomier.”

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