Short Story is the second segment from the tenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Booker dislikes being too little to do anything. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers try to steal the farm's vegetable crop.


Bo carries a wheelbarrow full of vegetables to the silo, singing a familiar song along the way. Booker offers to help him out, only to be told that he is too short. Booker resents the response, noting that everyone treats him like the little kid he is. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers sneak around the farm, planning to steal the vegetables. They open the door, which activates the security alarm, causing them to panic.

Upon hearing the alarm, Booker prepares to deal with the situation. Orson reminds him that he is too short, and thus handles his brothers on his own. After an introduction from Wade, as well as initially getting the wrong costume, Orson becomes his alter-ego, Power Pig. The brothers manage to deactivate the alarm, and are about to leave with the vegetables when Power Pig confronts them. The appearance of Power Pig makes them laugh uncontrollably. Orson is dismayed with their reaction to his Power Pig persona, while Bo and Roy take the opportunity to scoop up the laughing brothers in a wheelbarrow and send them down the river.

With the alarm out of commission, the farm animals wonder who will take up guard duty. Booker volunteers, only to be reminded again that he is too short. The job is taken by a reluctant Wade, while Booker remains upset with his predicament. Orson's brothers return, this time capturing everyone in bags (with Wade doing so voluntarily). The brothers take all the vegetables and lock the others in the silo. The only other exit in the silo is a small window; with Booker being the only one short enough to fit through, the others help him get outside.

After locating Orson's brothers, Booker, remaining undetected, takes away a tray of lettuce acquired by Mort and throws a tomato at Gort's head. This causes the brothers to fight each other, resulting in their departure from the farm. Afterwards, Booker frees the others, who praise him for his work. Booker then sings a song about the advantages of being short.



  • When aired on Toon Disney, this segment's title card was cut out.
  • Bo sings part of "Friends Are There" at the beginning. He wonders where he has heard it, having been stuck in his head for days.


  • When Wade says, "I'm tired of everyone treating me like a cowardly, craven duck," his inner tube briefly overlaps Orson for a split second.


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