Ship Shape is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield stows away on a cruise ship during Jon's vacation.


Jon is going on vacation aboard a luxurious cruise. Garfield is not interested until he finds out that the cruise is mostly just eating and sleeping.

At the dock, Garfield and Jon board the ship, where the captain denies Garfield entry as he believes cats bring bad luck. Rather than leave the ship and go home together, Jon leaves Garfield behind; Garfield decides to sneak on board via cargo.

Jon is trying to flirt with the women who are on the ship, with each of them turning him down.

Garfield tries to find the buffet, which gets overrun and devoured by the other passengers. The captain finds Garfield aboard the ship and this causes a chase scene until Garfield loses the captain. The captain finds Garfield again; Garfield escapes him by making a fake announcement about free pizza on the same deck as the captain. The captain orders Jon off the ship along with Garfield.

Jon and Garfield are exiled to an island for two weeks. Jon refuses to talk to Garfield while Garfield is enjoying a tropical resort on the other side of the island.


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  • Although the cruise is stated to be 2 weeks (14 days), the on-board Bingo Marathon is announced to be 16 days long.

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