Shelf Esteem is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tries to put his books away on a shelf. Meanwhile, Roy and Lanolin make a bet about Orson's task.


Wade runs around in a usual frenzy and eventually crashes into Orson, who is busy trying to put his books away. Roy tells Wade and Lanolin that that will never get done because Orson cannot put a book away without reading it first; then he bets Wade and Lanolin a month’s chores that Orson can’t do it.

Meanwhile, Orson continues his work but then he gets caught up reading The Scarlet Pimpernel. Roy sees this and confirms his confidence, but then he sneaks some of his library books into Orson’s pile of books. Orson then comes across one of Roy’s books (about the Stone Age) thinking it belongs to him, and begins reading it.

Wade and Lanolin had seen Roy’s trick, and Wade tells her that she will lose the bet. Lanolin then slips a new book into Orson’s hand before Roy walks up to Orson and convinces him to read the book before putting it away. The book is called How to Be a Librarian, and after reading that “a good librarian puts every book in its place right away”, Orson does just that.

Lanolin and Wade give Roy their respective lists of chores; Wade comments that his chores include raking the leaves. Orson overhears this and suggests to Roy that reading a book could help the time go faster. Roy opens the book and reads about slaves rowing a ship.


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  • This is one of the few U.S. Acres episode at the time to not feature a song.


  • When Wade and Lanolin discover that Roy slipped a new book to Orson, Lanolin’s mouth turns white for a split second.

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