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Sheldon is one of the main protagonists and a chick (inside of an eggshell) from U.S. Acres. He is Booker's brother who refused to hatch completely and appears as a walking egg with chicken feet sticking out of him. Unlike Booker, he is quiet, thoughtful, and introverted. He sometimes sits upon a mound of dirt/grassy knoll (his "Sanctum Sanctorum") and muses upon life. A recurring gag is to portray his shell as the perfect living space within (which is known to have a microwave oven, pinball machine, stove, table tennis table, and an air conditioner), without ever showing it.

Sheldon and Booker enjoy stories about monsters, ninjas, and mutants, which appeal to their masculine interests. They have difficulty getting along with Roy's niece Chloe due to her feminine interests (although, Sheldon hinted to fancy Chloe).

Physical Appearance

Sheldon looks like a typical avian egg, except that his legs appear from two holes at the bottom of the shell. He was once mistaken for a baby turtle.

In Shell Shocked Sheldon, the shell finally hatched, only to reveal another shell underneath.

What Sheldon Does Inside

  • Plays table tennis
  • Uses a microwave
  • A cleaning lady comes in every week (in the comic strip)
  • Reads the newspapers ("Shell Shocked Sheldon")
  • Post pictures onto his shell using a hammer and nails
  • Take out a grill to barbecue burgers ("Scrambled Eggs")
  • Plays pinball


  • Sheldon is able to see despite his shell covering his face.
  • The world inside his shell is an example of hammerspace.
  • On May 28, 1986, he says he did not want to hatch because he read the newspapers and saw how dangerous the world was. Booker breaks the fourth wall and tells everyone he is not an ordinary egg. On June 1, 1986, which begins with him singing "I'm A Little Teapot", Sheldon says it is because wherever he goes, he is home. He then says he does not need an umbrella, he saves money on haircuts, he does not take baths, and nobody can call him a chicken. He then forces Booker to be an egg, too, then falls down.
  • In "The Orson Awards", Sheldon states in a film that he is afraid of the Easter Bunny, who tries to paint him.