Shecky is a street cat from the real world who befriends Garfield and Odie.

Shecky standing up

Physical Appearance



Shecky makes his first appearance in Garfield Gets Real as the first cat to meet Garfield and Odie who came from the comic world to the real world. Initially, he thinks Garfield is a bit insane when he mentions he is the actual character from the Garfield comic strips. He eventually realizes he is telling the truth when Jon, Wally and Billy Bear come to rescue them from the burning Hotel Muncie. He eventually helps the group escape the blaze by traveling in an old storage container and then travels to the comic world and decides to live there.

In Garfield's Fun Fest, Shecky is one of the contestants in the Fun Fest. He does his usual alley cat show routine he did back in the real world for his talent.

In Garfield's Pet Force, Shecky makes a cameo appearance as one of the civilians who witnesses Vetvix's ship hovering above the Cartoon World. It is unknown whether he was turned into a zombie or not.

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