Secrets of the Animated Cartoon is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson teaches the viewers of the many gags in cartoons.


Orson is going to teach the viewers about how cartoons work. Wade wonders how their world is a cartoon which Orson then explains. He then goes into a song about the unlimited imagination cartoons have.

He then demonstrates some of the most basic gags with visual aids.

-The effects of gravity: A character will not fall until their notice there is no ground below them
-The take: Such as the wild take, the double take, the spit take, and the delayed reaction take
-The chase scene: Painting a tunnel on a wall for the chasee to crash into, only for them to somehow enter, while the chaser hits the wall

Orson then draws a gorilla to recap all the gags Wade learned, which he has mastered. The rest is going to watch the show they star in, leaving Orson to crash into the door which nobody bothered to hold open.


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