School Daze is the third segment from the second episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon sends Garfield to obedience school after Garfield tries to send Nermal to Abu Dhabi.


Nermal arrives for a visit, much to Garfield's chagrin. While Nermal tries to show how cute he can be, Garfield puts him in a package addressed to Abu Dhabi. While Jon is outside receiving mail from Herman Post (so Herman would avoid Garfield's tricks), he finds an advertisement for the Stonewall Obedience School. Just as he figures Garfield will never need to go there, he finds Garfield's package with Nermal inside. Upset with Garfield's antics, Jon decides to send Garfield to the obedience school.

At Stonewall Obedience School, he meets its aggressive instructor, who yells at the cats there. After demonstrating his abilities to an unimpressed Miss Stonewall, Garfield is taken to an obstacle course. Another cat, Clyde, is made to go through the obstacle course, which includes a pit of dogs; Clyde makes no secret that he hates it. Before he can be forced into the obstacle course, Garfield sneaks away and finds a room with many cats in cages.

Garfield releases all the other cats, who manage to escape the obedience school, running over Miss Stonewall in the process. Garfield gets some clothes from a charity pile to disguise himself as a kid taking Clyde home as his pet. The ruse works until Miss Stonewall spots Garfield's tail; she closes the entrance door just after Clyde walks out, inadvertently freeing him. Garfield, still stuck in the obedience school, gets chased by Miss Stonewall into the obstacle course. Miss Stonewall gets herself stuck in a pipe; Garfield reluctantly gets her out, bringing her above the dog pit. After promising never to yell at cats again, Garfield saves her. She runs off as Jon returns, who wonders what is going on.

Later that day, Jon, who still does not know what happened at the obedience school, spots Garfield tying up a package. Assuming Garfield was mailing Nermal to Abu Dhabi again, he expresses his disappointment in Garfield until Nermal walks by. After Jon leaves, Garfield reveals that he is mailing Odie to the Yukon instead.


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  • Miss Stonewall was kicked out of the military for unnecessary roughness, similar to Aunt Gussie.
  • The closing scene is based on the January 10, 1982 strip, except in the original strip, Garfield had stuffed Odie into a breadbox.
  • This is Nermal's first appearance in Garfield and Friends, as well as in the televised part of the franchise.

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