Jon: *walks down the street in his work clothes humming the "Garfield and Friends" theme song until he reaches his house*

Salesman: *laughs* What luck, I get to take a vacation. Hey pal, if you're selling stuff, try that house. They'll buy anything. *walks away*

Jon: Garfield.....

*Garfield is seen in the house, admiring something just as Jon slams the door, alerting him*

Garfield: You slammed?

Jon: What did you buy this time? What useless overpriced piece of junk did you spend my money on?

*Garfield directs him and Jon gasps*

Jon: A lifesize statue of Leonardo da Vinci made out of elbow macaroni?

Garfield: Don't tell me, you already have one?

Jon: Garfield, you have to stop buying everything you see. Look what you bought this week; an indoor plastic birdbath, a 27-year supply of dental floss, a battery operated battery changer that's only good for changing it's own batteries.

Garfield: It was on sale

Jon: No more! You understand? No more! Now I'm going out again, if you buy one more thing while I'm gone, no lasagna for the rest of your life.

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