Safe at Home is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


After Jon's house has been robbed, a maximum security system has been installed. When Jon, Garfield and Odie return from a movie, they are trapped outside.


After Garfield gets rid of Nermal (while not wanting him to talk so he does not get paid), Jon is talking to Mr. Fluster, a home security agent, who warns him about the dangers of crimes happening around the neighborhood. Jon is not worried at all.

Later that night, the house gets robbed of everything except the television set. The next day, Jon reports the robbery to the police and Mr. Fluster, prompting him to order the security system. Jon, Garfield and Odie leave; when they get back, they find the security system installed and Mr. Fluster as the security guard. They discover that he will not let them in until they give him the password, which he never told them (and the fact he does not know the password himself).

The robber returns to get the TV, referring to the security system as "the worst". When Garfield and Odie try to get in through the back, they encounter a sentry robot, which chases after them. When Mr. Fluster goes to check, Jon tries to get in, which gets him tied up by the system. Garfield and Odie elude the robot, which chases and grabs Mr. Fluster. They manage to catch the burglar, who is subsequently arrested.

When the system is downgraded, Jon accidentally activates it. He and Mr. Fluster become trapped while Garfield and Odie watch television. Mr. Fluster still will not give Jon the password to deactivate the system, much to Jon's dismay.


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