Not to be confused with Uncle Roy.

Roy Rooster is the deuteragonist and sometimes main antagonist of U.S. Acres, in both the comic strip and the animated segments featured on Garfield and Friends.


Roy is a loud, greedy, rude, and annoying rooster who endlessly enjoys practical jokes. In Rooster Revenge, he calls himself the "prankster gangster". Roy frequently targets Wade in his antics, due to Wade being easily frightened by everything.

In spite of his love for pranks and mischief, Roy is often the one in charge of waking everybody up in the morning and defending the other chickens from predators, making him an important (if annoying) fixture in the life of the farm animals.

Despite being a jerk he is not a bully, though he is insulting, he does not try to put down others.


  • Lanolin hates him and she once threatened to have the farmer's wife turn Roy into a feather duster.
  • Roy scares Wade by pranking him, other times, they argue, other times they really do act like friends. Therefore, they have a love/hate friendship.
  • In the cartoon version, in "Once Upon a Time Warp", Wade's been trying to get his five dollars back from Roy for 14 years. It's not clear what relationship they had before they moved to the farm (friends, frenemies, love/hate friendship, etc), but it seems that Roy and Wade knew each other for 14 years. In the episode "Holiday Happening", however, Roy says he is Wade's uncle though he may have been just mocking and Wade called him other things like "pal" and "Br'er"(brother) Rooster.
  • Roy in the cartoon, had moments that showed he was (if the most out of anyone) protective of Wade, (i.e. warning Wade there was a fox in disguise near him in "Little Red Riding Egg", holding Wade in "Make Believe Moon") whether or not he admits it and Wade seems to realize that.  
  • In a few comic strips, Roy is shown to be allergic to flowers.  
  • Roy likes to stomp on Daisies.  


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