Roy Gets Sacked is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy leaves the farm after thinking the others want to fire him.


Orson, Lanolin, Bo, Wade and Booker hold a meeting to discuss Roy's recent pranks; they are quite sick of them. Outside, Roy, arriving with another prank (a spring loaded with creamed cauliflower) , disguised as a gift, to play on Orson, eavesdrops on the others to find out that they would like to fire him (with Orson affirming that he would do so). Thinking they no longer want him around anymore, Roy sadly walks away, leaving the gift behind. Afterward, Orson decides not to fire Roy because he is part of their family.

Roy visits Bernie and begs him for another job, only to find that there are no shows with jobs available. Roy tries again at the unemployment office. When he hears of a show with , he accepts, not bothering to see what it is, and runs off to the studio. Roy then realizes that the show he has accepted is "The Buddy Bears Show", which now includes a sister named Betty Buddy Bear. Roy initially refuses to join, knowing that the bears will drop sixteen ton safes on him like last time; the bears promise not to do so.

On the show, the bears show the viewers what happens when one does not do things they are supposed to do (i.e. drinking milk, washing ears, and brushing teeth), with Roy constantly being the one to neglect such activities. Although he is subjected to heavy objects dropped on him, none of them are sixteen ton safes, as the bears promised. In the last scene, Roy gets a twenty-seven ton safe dropped on him, which results in him running out of the studio. Roy goes back to the farm and begs Orson to rehire him, despite never being fired in the first place. Roy is happy to be back on the farm, while Orson, assuring the others that he was not going to fire Roy, opens Roy's "gift". He then gets hit with the cauliflower, causing him to change his mind.


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  • This episode marks the final time the Buddy Bears appear in a speaking role.

Cultural References

  • Roy's proposals for his own series include parodies of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Little Mermaid and G.I. Joe.
  • When Roy talks about the "old cartoon characters" home, he brings up Felix the Cat as one such character residing there.


  • Roy claims not to have teeth in this episode, despite being depicted with such in this episode, among others.

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