Rototos! (Eng. Burps) is the first episode of Garfield Originals.


Different scenarios showing Garfield and other characters burping.


The first scenario begins with Garfield drinking from a soda bottle. He begins to burp for a large amount of time, and Jon Arbuckle bored, leaves the house to watch a film. He returns in the nighttime to find Garfield finishing his burp. Garfield then takes out a larger soda bottle and begins to drink from that as Jon backs away.

In the second scenario, Jon and Garfield begin a contest to see who can have the strongest burp. They drink from the same bottle, and as they both get into a physical altercation, the bottle flies off to their left. Just then, they are outclassed by a mouse, who drank from the same bottle.

The third scenario begins at a concert hall. Odie walks on stage, and sits at the grand piano. Garfield follows, and the two begin to duo, Odie playing the piano, and Garfield burping to the Blue Danube. The performance is rewarded with an ovation as Garfield farts while moving his arms.

In the fourth scenario, Garfield brings both himself and Arlene bowls of cat food from a brown paper bag. The meal is interrupted thrice by Garfield's burping. The first burp doesn't bother Arlene much. The second disturbs her more, thus Garfield attempts to turn it into a joke. As the third occurs, Garfield uses the paper bag he brought along to store the gas. He closes the bag, leaves it on the table, and bids Arlene goodbye. Curious, Arlene opens the paper bag and is struck by Garfield's burp.

The final scenario shows Garfield, Jon, and Odie eating dinner together at the table. Garfield burps first, Odie follows, and Jon does so last. The characters stare at each other, before burping again in the same order. Jon hugs his pets and they burp in unision, which is applauded by the nearby spiders and mice.


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