Rooster Revenge is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


After pulling one prank too many on Orson, Roy becomes paranoid and thinks Orson will get back at him.


Lanolin is carrying laundry across the farm when she notices Roy setting up a prank. Orson and Wade come up to a poem in picket signs that goes as follows.

Violets are blue
Roses are red
Here comes creamed spinach
Right on your head!

Orson is then hit by a sack of creamed spinach from above. Orson confronts a laughing Roy about the prank, then goes off to take a shower. Wade warns Roy about pranks not being nice, which leads into a song from Roy about the joys of pulling pranks and being one step ahead. After the song, Orson tells Roy that he will regret his constant pranking one day; Roy leaves with no concern about the warning, being an expert prankster. Orson then gets an idea for revenge: "absolutely nothing."

Later, Roy is greeted by Orson, who offers him an ice cream cone. Suspecting a prank, Roy turns down the offer, only to see others genuinely enjoying ice cream cones of their own. Roy then uses a bridge, despite Orson informing him that some of the boards are broken; he soon falls in. Orson assures Roy that he will not subject him to any tricks, which Roy interprets as false security.

Becoming paranoid, Roy avoids virtually everything on the farm in fear of what Orson may have in store for him. A ranger (who bares a resemblance to Orson) comes to check on Roy (who suspects that the ranger is Orson). Roy plays along with the ranger, claiming to have been naughty and worth sending to the South Pole. When the ranger states that he cannot do so, Roy then grabs a bucket of paint and chases him around the farm. He eventually gets the ranger to fall into the paint bucket (as well as a waller). As he laughs at "Orson", the real Orson and most of the other animals show up, wondering what Roy has done. Roy soon realizes the hard way that the ranger is not Orson and that he's in big trouble. The infuriated ranger finally vows to transfer Roy to the South Pole, which makes Roy run off after thinking about living there. The other animals then find out that the ranger set it up, and is actually Lanolin in disguise.


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