-Getting Lord Dargis' trousers


Rommel (voiced by Vinnie Jones) is the former secondary antagonist of Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties.

He is a vicious and aggressive Rottweiler who serves as a guard dog of Carlyle Castle, but was initially trained by Lord Dargis and ordered to kill the Prince. While he may have been trying to complete his task, Rommel however redeems himself after the animals offered him Dargis' trousers and convinced him not to kill the Prince to switch his target, making Rommel no longer work for Dargis.


Rommel was a Rottweiler who served as Carlyle Castle's guard dog but was trained by Lord Dargis as he wanted him to kill the Prince. Dargis proceeded to test this by giving Prince's favorite pillow to Rommel in which the Rottweiler aggressively rips it to shreds, much to Dargis' joy. Due to Rommel's violence, he was kept on a leash by Dargis until his master used him to kill Prince. However, unknown to Dargis, Rommel was confronted by the Official Feline Protection and turned over a new leaf by playing tug-o'-war with Winston using Dargis' new trousers. Having now become obsessed with trousers, Rommel tracked down Dargis and eventually attacked him for his trousers while he was talking to Abbey Westminster on the phone.

Afterward, Rommel was tasked by Dargis to destroy a painting of the Prince with meat and the Rottweiler obeyed. Smithee witnessed Rommel destroying the painting and Dargis sent him on holiday. Rommel is later seen on the lookout for Prince until Garfield, having been found by Smithee earlier and taken to Carlyle Castle after being mistaken for Prince, appears and taunted Rommel to get his attention. However, upon seeing Garfield and mistaking him for Prince due to his very similar appearance, Rommel immediately sees his chance to finally catch the cat and chases after Garfield, only to then be suddenly chased off by the latter riding on a bull named Bolero.

When Dargis was later taunted by Garfield, Prince, and the animals after they worked together by setting up an attack to prevent Dargis from becoming king of England, Rommel was among them to help defeat Dargis as he was seen chasing after the latter for his trousers, stopping him from killing both Prince and Garfield. It is unknown what happened to Rommel afterward since he now no longer works for Dargis, but it is assumed that he was possibly seen celebrating with Garfield, Prince, and all the other animals, who are having a pool and barbeque party after Dargis was arrested for his actions.


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