Rolling Romance is the third segment from the seventy second episode of Garfield and Friends.


After Jon's car crashes into the house's garage, he buys a secondhand car from Madman Murray, only for the car to become attracted to him.


Garfield and Odie are sitting inside, both excited to watch the premiere of King Kong Gets a Mohawk Cut. Odie hands Garfield the remote, which fails to change the channel, frustrating Garfield. Unbeknownst to both of them, the “remote” is actually the garage door opener. Also unbeknownst to them, Jon is pulling into the driveway. Suddenly, there is a terrible crash, and Garfield realizes his mistake, just before Jon walks into the room in a daze. He laments to his pets that he totaled his car and can’t afford a new one, and, to make matters worse, he has a date with his new girlfriend, Marsha, scheduled for that night.

At that moment, a commercial comes on, advertising Madman Murray’s new used car dealership, in which Madman Murray makes ridiculously fallacious claims about the price of his cars and dubs himself the “stupidest car salesman in the world”. Jon is the only one who actually believes this commercial, and declares his immediate departure to Madman Murray’s. Garfield and Odie run after Jon, neither of them trusting the ad and hoping to stop Jon before it’s too late. As they leave, Odie reminds Garfield of what Madman Murray did to Jon on last week’s show.

Unable to stop Jon, Garfield and Odie find themselves at Madman Murray’s, both spectating in uncertainty as Madman Murray shows Jon a pink convertible named Abigail. Garfield takes this moment to educate Odie on the true meanings behind misleading salesman lingo. Madman Murray’s assistant tries to interrupt the sale then, but Madman Murray ignores him. He proceeds to show Jon a quote so high, he faints. Jon ends up buying it anyway, however, although he is still upset about the high payments.

Before they go, Madman Murray informs Jon about the computerized voice alert system installed in the car’s dash, which instructs Jon to fasten his seatbelt and turn off his headlights, among other things. Jon immediately loves this voice alert system, but Garfield is unimpressed with it, especially after it notes that “[Jon’s] cat is overweight”, which causes Odie to almost burst out laughing.

After the three leave the dealership in Abigail, Madman Murray’s assistant expresses his concern about how the car’s previous owner traded it in when it fell in love with him. Madman Murray is dismissive of this, and doesn’t believe him.

As they return home and get out, Jon is grinning from ear to ear, saying he really loves his new car. He is about to walk inside when he swears he hears the car’s voice alert say his name and tell him it loves him too. He decides he must be hearing things and starts to prepare for his date with Marsha. Garfield bets Odie two cheeseburgers that Jon isn’t home by 9:15.

That night, Jon takes Marsha out on a date at Chez Louis. As they are getting out, Marsha calls Jon’s new convertible very attractive, and Jon lovingly tells her that so is she. The voice alert responds to this in an unusual manner—it tells Jon that his date dyes her hair. Although Marsha is clueless as to where the voice is coming from, she isn’t amused, and is swift to refute the voice’s claims. The voice alert then insists that Marsha is lying, causing Marsha to get out of the car and start to walk away. Jon runs after her, growing increasingly puzzled as the car continues to insult Marsha until she storms home in a rage.

Jon finally deduces that something must be wrong with his car, which becomes autonomous and tells Jon that Marsha wasn’t good enough for him and that his car loves him. Putting the pieces together, Jon breaks down and makes a mad dash for home, as Abigail chases him. He makes it inside and breathlessly tells Odie and Garfield about everything that happened. His pets conclude that his story is quite silly, but still more believable than his previous excuses for being home early. Having lost the bet, Odie gives Garfield his two cheeseburgers.

Jon skids into his room and slams the door, but Abigail is already in there. She continues to pursue him, slowly pinning him to the door, until he gives up and climbs up a lamppost across the street. Abigail quickly finds him and resumes begging him to marry her. Garfield manages to convince Abigail that a human and a car are incompatible, but she becomes depressed and begins reminiscing about her “true love”, which deserted her long ago. Garfield starts asking her for more information about this “true love”.

Later that night, they pull into the parking lot of the municipal airport, where Abigail shares a heartfelt reunion with Steve, the airport’s PA system. Garfield gushes a little over the fact that they had a happy ending, right before a policeman drags Jon away for parking in the white zone. Jon tries to tell him all about how his car fell in love with him, but he doesn’t believe a word of it. Garfield disappointedly sighs that it was almost a happy ending, and he and Odie abandon Jon at the airport to go “have a joyous reunion with some pasta”.


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Cultural References

  • The episode is loosely based on the book/movie Christine.
  • Steve can be heard announcing “The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only” and “No stopping in the white zone.” Both are quotes from the PA system of the 1980 film Airplane!


  • Near the end of the episode, Garfield erroneously labels Abigail (a sports convertible) a “late-model sedan”.
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