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Rodent Rampage is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Floyd invites his friend Tyrone for a visit. Tyrone is shocked that Garfield is unwilling to chase mice.


In the kitchen, Floyd shows his friend Tyrone around the house. At first, Tyrone is satisfied since he does not have to worry about cats. When he sees Garfield, he tries to hide. He becomes surprised when Garfield only grabs a snack, ignoring the two mice. After Floyd explains Garfield's lack of interest in chasing mice, Tyrone remains bewildered by the concept.

In the living room, after finding nothing to watch on television, Garfield takes a nap. Tyrone tries to wake him up and incite him into chasing him. When the cat proves to be too lazy to do it, he realizes that Floyd was telling the truth. Just as he begins to enjoy it, Tyrone thinks it is not right to have it easy, and heads back to the living room. When Jon walks by Floyd in the kitchen, he is alarmed by his presence.

Later, Tyrone tries again to make Garfield chase him; when it fails again, he gives up. Jon then arrives and goes into a song and dance where he tries in vain to get Garfield to catch mice. Eventually, Jon tells him he will not get sausage lasagna if Garfield does not get the mice prompting Garfield to catch them.

By then, Tyrone has given up on getting Garfield to chase him and tries to enjoy it. He makes a sandwich, eventually putting Garfield's paw in it. When Tyron bites into the sandwich, Garfield becomes agitated enough to chase Tyrone, much to the latter's surprise. Garfield pursues Tyrone throughout the kitchen and into the living room, where he eventually gets exhausted from all the running and the traps Tyrone puts him through.

When he sees Garfield has quit, Tyrone is disgusted with him, while Floyd tells him to go easy on him. When Jon tries to get Garfield to chase the mice again, Garfield directs him to an ad for Binky's Circus, which will supposedly give them a solution.

In the kitchen Floyd tries to get Tyrone to change his mind, when Tyrone would prefer to keep eating the food in the house. The two then encounter a lion that Jon had bought from Binky's Circus. Frightened, the mice leave the house in a frenzy. With the lion still in the house, Jon and Garfield take refuge on top of the refrigerator, wondering how to get rid of it.


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