Robodie II is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Dr. Garbanzo Bean once again makes robotic clones of Odie, with a giant robot dog being accidentally made as well.


Odie is playing in the park, where he is grabbed by Dr. Garbanzo Bean. Garfield stops the episode to remind the viewers of Dr. Bean, showing footage from the episode he debuted in. He then resumes the episode.

Dr. Bean takes Odie to his cave lab while Jon and Garfield look for him. The doctor creates a new robot duplicate of Odie and tests it out on the people in the city, causing a riot and being chased. Odie escapes; in the process, he accidentally creates a giant robot dog that runs loose.

The people the original robot attacked find the real Odie and chase after him and catch him until the giant robot shows up and scares them away. Jon and Odie find the giant robot and the real Odie.

After Dr. Bean arrives, they all head back to the lab to dismantle all of the robot dogs. Bean vows never to make any more robot dogs, then shows his next project: the robot cat. When Jon attempts to activate it, all it does is sleep. Bean is delighted, stating that that is all cats do. Garfield claims that the episode will be Bean's last appearance on the show.


Main characters

Major characters

  • Dr. Garbanzo Bean
  • Jon


  • As the title says, this is a sequel to "Robodie".
    • Garfield states that it is one of his favorite episodes.
    • A black and white clip from the earlier episode is played by Garfield.
  • Garfield mentions "Garfield Goes Hawaiian" and "Box O' Fun".
  • Garfield correctly predicts that this will be Dr. Bean's final appearance.

Cultural References

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