Robin Hog is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson fantasizes that he is in the tale of Robin Hood.


The animals are gathering walnuts, and the best way to do that is for them to wear headgear. Orson takes out an archery set and hits a target on a walnut tree and gets a bunch of walnuts to fall down. As they gather them up, Roy steals all the walnuts with a vacuum cleaner and refuses to share; he also states that Orson is like Robin Hood from his shot. Orson takes off his helmet and gets hit on the head with a walnut. Roy's words about Robin Hood echo in his head.

A fantasy begins as Orson sees himself as Robin Hog, the merry man of justice. He spots the sheriff's knights robbing his men's walnuts and gets them back. They speak of how the sheriff has been robbing the people blind and keeping the walnuts for himself. The sheriff holds a tournament to lure Robin Hog into a trap and realizes Maid Lanolin as overheard it. He orders the knights to tie her up.

On the day of the tournament, Robin Hog secretly arrives all while the sheriff awaits his arrival. He then spots someone and thinks he is Robin Hog. He notices that everyone is looking similar to one another with glasses and big noses. He runs off in insanity and it is revealed that Robin Hog handed out the glasses and noses to trick the sheriff as it would cause him to snap. This allows Robin Hog to win the tournament.

Orson comes to and gets an idea on how to get the walnuts back. While Roy is guarding his coop, Orson notices there is no more room for anymore. Roy does not want to move them, so Orson leaves. Booker and Sheldon offer to take Roy on a worm hunt, which he declines. Roy becomes paranoid about the walnuts and plans to take extra measures to guard them. Realizing that keeping the walnuts would keep him from doing anything else, he gives the walnuts back and they prepare to divide them up from the landfill that poured out. Orson attributes the work to Robin Hog, which reminds Wade of his love for Robin Hood. The duck is interrupted with a few walnuts to the head.


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  • In syndication, this episode's title card is cut out.

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