Revenge of the Living Lunch! is the third segment from the eighty-eighth episode of Garfield and Friends.


In "Garfield's Tales of Scary Stuff", Garfield tells the story of a radioactive meteor that brings items to life.


As the narrator, Garfield talks about stone that revolves around the sun, known as meteors. He says that every so often, small pieces manage to fall to earth, after entering the atmosphere. 37 years before the main story, a farmer found a small piece of meteorite, and assumed it was a fruit cake, due to it being inedible and heavy. As soon as the farmer takes the meteorite away, the items that the meteorite was near become alive.

At Christmas, the farmer gave the meteorite, still assuming it was a fruit cake, to a neighbor. She also gave it away, before everyone who obtained the meteorite gave it to someone else. Jon Arbuckle soon gets the fruit cake from his Aunt Edna, before putting it in the fridge, much to Garfield's surprise. In the fridge, unknown to them, the meteorite begins to glow.

As everyone in the Arbuckle residence falls asleep, a quart of low fat milk leaves the fridge, and tries to mug Garfield. Garfield does not realize what is going on, and tells the milk he has no wallet. Garfield quickly notices, and tries to warn Odie, who shrugs off the idea. Garfield tells himself that there is no living food, before encountering several other meals who try to attack the cat. Odie then finds out, and huddles up in a corner with Garfield. Jon realizes that the food is alive before Garfield plans to try and eat the food, only for the food to run out of the house. Jon and his pets look in the fridge, and realize that the meteorite caused the ordeal, due to its glow.

Jon and his pets take the meteorite to a scientist, who confirms that it is a radioactive meteorite with powers to turn items alive. Jon wonders what to do with the meteorite, before Garfield has the idea to go to the city hall. He rolls it in front of the sleeping members, who are soon awakened. Garfield then warns the viewer that if they ever encounter an item similar to a fruit cake, they should not pass it on as it could be a radioactive meteorite.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Farmer (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Meteorite Receivers (one voiced by Jewel Shepard)
  • Scientist
  • City Hall Members
  • Woman

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