Return of the Buddy Bears is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield wrecks the house and Jon tells him to clean it up or no food. He does not seem to have an easy solution until the Buddy Bears show up.


The house is a complete mess thanks to Garfield making it. Jon is going to take Liz to the movies and wants Garfield to clean up the house before he returns. With no intention to clean, Garfield tries to get Odie to clean it; Odie runs away, knowing too well what he is trying to do. The doorbell rings, and Garfield answers it to find the Buddy Bears at the door. After they sing their song, they all agree that they are looking for work. Garfield uses their agreement habit to get them to clean the house; it works.

The bears clean up the entire house until it looks absolutely spotless. When Garfield goes to get a slice of cake, Bertie takes the cake to wash the plate it was sitting on. When he tries to make a sandwich, he finds no food in the fridge at all and asks Bobby (who he mistakes for Billy) about it. They take their job so seriously that they throw away all the food in the fridge. When Garfield tries to have a cookie, they take the jar from him and he runs after it, causing another mess.

Jon and Odie are on their way home from the movie and escaping Garfield's delegation. Garfield kicks the bears out of the house and they request their payment. Garfield tries to make use of this by saying he already payment, which they disagree on, which is contradictory to their agreement habit, thus allowing Garfield to not actually pay them. Jon returns and finds that the house is still a mess. Garfield tries to explain what happens before giving up and leaving the house.

The Buddy Bears go out to look for new work until Garfield, wearing a bear suit, joins up with them and teach them how to disagree. They sing and dance away as the cartoon ends.


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