Return of The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Swampy returns to the farm, while his creator searches for him.


Wade reads the title of the episode and starts panicking over the fact that this is a sequel to the original episode that debuted the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster. He tells Orson about it and the pig finds out that it is almost noon and Roy has neglected to wake up the farmyard. He goes to ask why and Roy announces that he no longer crows at dawn.

Meanwhile, the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster is wandering in the forest to look for a new friend while still showing off his incredible stupidity while his creator, Dr. Karloffis Boar, is looking for him (as the monster was originally a robot he made that got covered in swamp moss) by using a special detector that will locate his creation. The monster hides from him by sticking his head underground like an ostrich, which somehow works.

Soon, the doctor makes his way to the farm and demands the others to tell him where the monster is hiding, to which they do not know. Seeing as how they will not talk, he activates a magnet that will pull all sorts of metal objects toward him, including a pile of tin cans and junk that needed to get taken care of earlier. It piles right onto the professor and his vehicle. The farm animals will get him out of that pile if he agrees not to pursue the monster anymore, and he reluctantly agrees.

As soon as the doctor leaves, the monster comes out and reveals that he was hiding as a tree. Roy still refuses to go back to crowing at the crack of dawn, and so Orson gives the monster Roy's old job. The monster wakes everyone up while it is still dark out. Orson admits that he is still more accurate than Roy ever was.

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