The Repairman (voiced by Stan Freberg) was a mechanic who, after seeing Jon's car, overcharged him for the repairs.

Physical Appearance

He is shown to wear a blue jumpsuit, with a red cap backward, and brown shoes.

Muddy Repairman Smiling
Muddy Repairman Spinning


The repairman is shown to be a bit greedy upon seeing Jon's damaged car and begin to add up the cost of the repairs. He is also showed to care for his family as he called his wife and told her that with the money he will get from the repairs he could afford the stuff he needs such as buying the house he and his wife wanted, sending his kids to college, even paying for his in-laws' vacation trip. Later, after the car crashes into the insurance building, he is even happier because the damage there will make him even richer.


Garfield and Friends

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