Remote Possibilities is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield thinks a scientist's experimental remote is the one Jon ordered.


Garfield is watching television, not caring what is on until Binky the Clown, a character Garfield has sworn not have on the show anymore, is about to appear. He and Odie look for the TV remote, their search complicated by the number of remote controls in the house. They manage to change the channel in time. Meanwhile Jon enters the house and apologizes for being late as he has been trying to open the garage door with the answering machine's remote. They conclude they have too many remotes and see an ad on TV for the Schlocko Robo-Remote, capable of turning anything on. This convinces them to buy one.

They go down to the Schlocko store and they have to wait for their order. Jon has to pick up Liz and leaves Garfield and Odie in charge of bringing the remote home. After hours of waiting, the clerk says that their order will arrive momentarily. Garfield is tired of waiting and tries to get it from storage. A scientist has invented an all-powerful remote and leaves to go and get his lunch. Garfield thinks this remote is the one Jon ordered and takes it. When the scientist returns, he sees it is no longer there.

Garfield tries out the remote and it controls a number of items in a store, the traffic lights causing a car pile-up, and a horsey-ride that was broken when a quarter was inserted. The clerk and the scientist try to locate it before anything truly bad happens. Garfield imagines the possibilities he could have with this, such as changing dinner, the company in his presence, and the places to dine at. They walk by a construction site where Garfield turns on the machinery and causes Odie to be carried up to a high floor. He goes up there via lifting crane and when he arrives, Odie licks him, leading the two of them to land on a jackhammer and down a slide that launches them into a cement truck. When they get out, the cement hardens.

The clerk and scientist find them trapped in the cement and chisel them out. Before the scientist confronts Garfield, Garfield grabs the remote to end the cartoon so the viewers will not witness whatever is about to happen to him and Odie.


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  • This is the only episode of Garfield and Friends to feature Arlene in her normal form.

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